Orders should be submitted on Word.doc files supplied by Laser Brick & Tile.  Laser Brick & Tile will email the Word files to you for data entry. The appropriate files will be supplied for the specific product to be processed.

For example: Word files for 1, 2, and 3-lines of text will be supplied for 4″ x 8″ pavers. For 8″ x 8″ pavers, Word files will be supplied for 1 to 6-lines of text.

Data should be entered just as you want it on the products: upper and lower case or all upper case.  Text will be centered by Laser Brick & Tile and does not need to be centered on the Word file. An order form will be included with data entry files.

It is suggested that you keep a copy of all files sent electronically to Laser Brick & Tile.  We will also archive a copy of submitted files.


As all orders are custom, orders will need to be processed for payment before they are shipped by Laser Brick & Tile.


Orders will be completed within 4-6 weeks of receipt of order.

Orders will be sent by the fastest and most affordable means available.