Personalized products are ideal for fundraising in good economic times or bad. The appeal to purchasers of clay and stone products is that they are establishing a “legacy” through their message on a virtually indestructible substance.

When compared to a certificate hung on a wall or propped on a table that will eventually be lost, trashed, and gone forever, there is no comparison to a message or thanks “cast in stone” that will never be thrown away.

There is not much in life that is more compelling than to insure that your name or message is made available for friends and family to see “forever.”

When talking with customers who have purchased our products, inevitably the topic comes up that the message will far outlive them and be viewed by their children, grand children, etc.

In addition to the appeal to establish the legacy of your message, these products also represent a means to provide a testament that says “In Honor of …” , “In Memory of …”, In Celebration of …” or whatever answers the needs represented.

We have been in the fundraising business for many years and have heard it over and over. When compared to the corroded leaves on a brass tree, read by few, in a dimly lit hall, or the rarely updated wall mural, pavers in an easily accessed location beat all other programs, hands down, no doubt about it.